SEO Horror Stories

SEO Horror Story #19

When I started here at (company removed) in january we had a “brand new” site. In fact it was completed during my first days on the job. We had an in house SEO person who would change metadata and add content every day trying to get the site spidered. Weeks went by with management asking [...]

SEO Horror Story #18

I think this is a tale with the potential for SEO horror, and that makes it even scarier. Like a well written ghost story or well-executed noir movie, the creepiness, terror, and misery lurk just around the corner – out of sight, but easily imagined, if you’re paying attention.
If you can’t see that, I think [...]

SEO Horror Story #17

I was working on an elderly new client’s preliminary keyword research. She raises and sells min-donkeys. I found some great long tail keyword phrases that were wide open for taking #1 in Google. All of the sudden when what to my wondering eyes should appear but donkey porn…in front of the client! I thought she [...]

SEO Horror Story #16

I was contacted by a company called e local listings and they got me for over $600. I was a new business owner then and was looking for exposure on the internet. I saw a couple other companies always pop up at the top no matter what city I searched or key words I used. [...]

SEO Horror Story #15

SEO Contest are always great to participate and I used to participate in lot of SEO contest. The last SEO contest I participated was a little different as compared to other SEO contests. The SEO contest was to build a website or mini-website on a domain which does not have any cached pages and make [...]

SEO Horror Story #14

A Guy Threatens to Sue Me Because My Client is on Page 1
So I get this email from a local company that is angry because my client is now on the first page in the search results. His gripe is that we can’t advertise for a location we are not directly in…No, I am not [...]

SEO Horror Story #13

To make a long story short, my current website: located at (URL removed).com is hosted by (Company Name Removed). I used them because I don’t know crap about HTML or java. They have a template based deal with an easy editor. It’s cool for little things but not really for the website. Anyway, they claim [...]

SEO Horror Story #12

Good Content, Bad SEO: The turnaround of a website
In July, I was brought on at to help them do a redesign of the site. is a site dedicated to the news related to the Default Service Industry. The term default service is also called REO (real estate owned). It refers to properties that [...]

SEO Horror Story #11

Take heed, all of you who read this seo horror story, for you would not want to suffer the same — or a worse — fate.
My story begins in 2006 … my not-for-profit company began the difficult task of migrating a web site of approximately 20,000 pages in depth, from one content management system to [...]

SEO Horror Story #10

About 5 years ago I realized that I needed an improved web presence in order to advance my real estate career. I began researching hosts in the real estate space and found one that claimed to know quite a bit about SEO along with being very familiar with what was required to make a real [...]