SEO Horror Story #10

About 5 years ago I realized that I needed an improved web presence in order to advance my real estate career. I began researching hosts in the real estate space and found one that claimed to know quite a bit about SEO along with being very familiar with what was required to make a real estate site succeed. Initially the claims seemed to be bearing out however the nightmare was just around the corner. One of the strategies that the we were advised to utilize was a reciprocal linking program with the site owners all linking to each other. These links were all organized by state and included anchor text. Well Yahoo determined that this was a link farm and removed over 30,000 real estate web sites that this company hosted from their index. OUCH!!! As an agent who was generating over 50% of my income from my site this definitely had a negative impact. However it was soon to get worse. I know this next part is not directly related to SEO except for the fact that the company claimed to know what they were doing. As if the Yahoo fiasco was not enough the company’s servers went down and over 30,000 agent sites were no where to be found for a week. Here is a link to the company blog discussing the outage:

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