SEO Horror Story #13

To make a long story short, my current website: located at (URL removed).com is hosted by (Company Name Removed). I used them because I don’t know crap about HTML or java. They have a template based deal with an easy editor. It’s cool for little things but not really for the website. Anyway, they claim to have all these great keyword features, when in fact they don’t. I have had several people help me with trying to get the title and name out there but still no avail. It’s like no matter how hard you try, this site and their web hosting services are little left to be desired. It’s like you can change the heading tag and it still wouldn’t matter. I took it all the way to their corporate office and they gave me three months free as a way of saying whatever. HELP ME, I NEED TO MAKE AN IMPACT ON THE WEB!

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