SEO Horror Story #14

A Guy Threatens to Sue Me Because My Client is on Page 1

So I get this email from a local company that is angry because my client is now on the first page in the search results. His gripe is that we can’t advertise for a location we are not directly in…No, I am not joking. We optimized for a location in Sarasota/Siesta Key, but the business is based in Nokomis, Florida just south of Sarasota and I really mean just south.

Complaint #1

“You aren’t located on Siesta Key so you can’t advertise for it”. He tells me it is illegal. If this was so no one in America could advertise in anyway, shape or form. I tried to explain, but he just didn’t understand, or so I thought…I will explain later.

Complaint #2

To avoid anymore harassment from this fellow I am going to create a fictitious, but similar example of what happened. Let’s say that there is an LLC called, “Key Biscayne Ferrari” and let’s say for my client’s site we optimized for “Key Biscayne Ferrari Rentals”. The complainer’s complaint was that his business name was in the title tag because we had “Key Biscayne Ferrari”. in the tag, but we had rentals after it, an entirely different phrase…He said this was illegal. In fact, he insisted it was with 25 phone calls, emails and threats.

I tried to explain that this was in fact not illegal. I encouraged him to go see his attorney. In fact, I begged him to. He threatened my client, then threatened me and threatened anyone he could. End result…he had no leg to stand on and went away. My client is still on the first page of the search engines right next to his business. Maybe he learned, maybe he didn’t, but he was a massive pain in the butt for awhile.

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