SEO Horror Story #16

I was contacted by a company called e local listings and they got me for over $600. I was a new business owner then and was looking for exposure on the internet. I saw a couple other companies always pop up at the top no matter what city I searched or key words I used. I tried calling those companies to ask what service they used and no one would help. E Local called me and convinced me they were the company that could put you on page one at the top almost every time. I paid, 3 months later I still was not even on the net. It took me 3 months and many many phone calls to get a refund. They blamed it on google for changing how things got done. I have been very shy about finding a legit SEO company, so far everyone that has called me and I have researched is not legit and instead are boiler room operation that only what your credit card. I found this site and I hope it will lead me to a legit company. Thanks, Raymond

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  1. Mark Jackson says:

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