SEO Horror Story #18

I think this is a tale with the potential for SEO horror, and that makes it even scarier. Like a well written ghost story or well-executed noir movie, the creepiness, terror, and misery lurk just around the corner – out of sight, but easily imagined, if you’re paying attention.

If you can’t see that, I think we can all agree this is a most outrageous fishing expedition. (Maybe a cursed] fishing expedition…)

From: “Recruiter”
Subject: urg req / seo specialist
To: ME
Date: Tuesday, October 20, 2009, 5:24 PM

Hi ,

Requirement for your read. Pl go through it and if interested mail me your updated resume asap

The SEO specialist will:

• Before we meet, tell us what kind of Google Analytics reports are needed (e.g. keyword traffic). If we trust this person, we can give our site access to this person – so maybe he/she can generate the reports we need. So this person must know how to use Google Analytics. This may take an hour or so – on the preparation work.
• Provide the “Company X” team an overview of what SEO means to an ad agency’s site and basic best practices (having effective tags and keywords for each key page, how to get to those effective tags and keywords, having a site map on the home page, making sure there’s text to go with flash, getting inbound links, how to utilize Google Analytics to help us review our SEO efforts, and other tactics to get us viewable by search engines). I would also like the specialist to provide us a list of FREE tools (Google mainly) that he/she uses for gauging keyword traffic. Google constantly comes up with really cool tools – would like the specialist to point us to a few important ones. Plus there are always new trends in SEO. Can this person share a few latest trends with us? I would make this a 2 hour meeting (Web or in-person meeting), plus preparation time obviously.
• Provide a few agency sites that has great SEO disciplines applied – for our reference. Give us a brief summary of what SEO best practices these sites have applied. This should take the specialist another hour or so. No meetings needed – just a simple doc (no frills!) will do.
• Meet with our web site designer when we are ready with our final creative concept. Discuss up front any SEO concerns with the concept – so the designer can make adjustment. I don’t know how much time will be required from the SEO specialist – as I don’t know how easy/difficult the discussion/negotiation with the designer might be in terms of balancing between a creative concept and SEO best practices. Maybe a few hours spread throughout a couple of weeks – mainly via phone meetings I assume?
• Work with the “Company X” team (me!) on the keyword list to optimize. This list will be the “main” keywords we want to be searched – we cannot have an ultra-long list – we need to be focused. I can work with the specialist on this – and it should take a couple of hours.
• Give us the tags (title tags, description, keywords etc.) when the site is ready – for each page. This should be very easy/straight forward as we will have a relatively small site. A couple of hours – max.
• Not sure what can be done on the inbound link strategy… would like the specialist’s thoughts.
• Total time budget – I would say around 10-15 hours – spread over our site planning/design/development time.

Specific questions for the SEO specialist:
• Does this person have tools he/she can use for this project? We do not have any tools we can provide.
• We need someone who has hands-on SEO experience – who has worked in an SEO agency for at least a few years. What sites have this person worked on?
• How does this person keep himself/herself up-to-date with SEO trends/techniques?
• Does this person have any contacts at Google? (Google changes their algorithm all the time… if you have a contact there, you may be able to get some insider info.)

Thanks & Regards

SO, if I’m reading this correctly, what they’re saying is: “Come in; show us examples of what’s good, and tell us why. Tell us how you do it. Leave us some documentation to that effect (we’ll be taking notes too!), and we’ll get back to you.”
“Come on, it’ll only take you a few hours preparation! And a few more hours presentation…”

I honestly can’t believe this job request. I wonder if they’ll get any one to bite?

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