SEO Horror Story #19

When I started here at (company removed) in january we had a “brand new” site. In fact it was completed during my first days on the job. We had an in house SEO person who would change metadata and add content every day trying to get the site spidered. Weeks went by with management asking – how’s the new site? daily. No improvements. Traffic, in fact, was TANKING! Down 50%, Down 70%. Month after month it looked worse. And then we launched an email campaign. FINALLY! Success. Site traffic blew up. I sent an email to management and copied the board of directors. WE HAVE ACHIEVED SUCCESS! THE NEW SITE IS A HIT. IT TOOK 3 MONTHS TO GET SPIDERED BUT WE ARE UP 500% THIS WEEK.

A few minutes later my SEO guy hit reply all: “I took a closer look at the traffic sources. It appears the big traffic surge this week was due to about 1000 unsubscribes. When you remove them from the analysis traffic is down this week.”

Lucky for me, the SEO guy was fired, not me, but it truly was an SEO HORROR STORY and one, I hope not to repeat this year. Luckily our uniques and page views have doubled since last year and in the past 6 weeks alone we have TRIPLED page views with a new website design that seems to keep people on the site an extra minute and a half!

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  1. Mark Jackson says:

    Just a guess, but I’m gonna mention 301 redirects and their importance in a site (re) launch. Also, ensuring that the staging/development environment is password protected (so that the content doesn’t get indexed on a staging URL before it goes live on the “real” URL/domain) and that you haven’t mistakenly disallowed the site in robots.txt.

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